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Choose 2 glasses of wine and get a free Tapas  from 5 to 7pm



Try our special artisanal Sausages $10

Served with a choice of: country potatoes, spinach, broccoli rabe or grilled polenta             


Venison and blueberry 


Wild boar, cranberries & roasted garlic       

Pheasant and cognac   


Buffalo and chipotle chili


Spicy lamb


Duck, foie gras


Sweet Italian sausage

More Tapas


Meat balls with tomato sauce    8.5


Toasted Italian country bread, smoked mozzarella, prosciutto di Parma     8.5


Grilled calamari over julienned zucchini     8.5


Seared shrimp wrapped in italian bacon,cannellini beans   9.5


Eggplant Parmesan      12


Penne with spicy marinara sause     8.5


Four cheese homemade gnocchi      9.5


Rigatoni with Bolognese sauce     8.5


apples, bufalo milk ricotta and arugula salad     8.5


Spinach salad with goat cheese and strawberry     8.5

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